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We, welcome any involved in business management, proprietor,entrepreneurs who's interest career 's into making of Audio-Visual  production work's.

Building an idea concept project's or searching for an end user's/ buyer;s across the globe.


We, merged up in a completely unique productiveness as a master piece  , be it an innovative writing,film scripts/screen and articles; directing and adapting a play; co- directing/assisting audio visual production and publications.

Affiliate /Marketing - Ads- Brand Product's  Services.



Fast and proficient IT: Word,

Affiliate/email marketing,HTML,Excel, PowerPoint,Adobe Photoshop,Adobe premier,fcp, artist promotion and management, genuine home income business and internet communication tools.

Definitely,you are checking out applications  links to  a credible 

 IT  tools and-genuine articles.

If yes, the publication you'll discover at 

Alzworks group Ltd & Info-toes websites will grant you lots of  KNOWLEDGE!.

A strategic informative technological know-how. 

An effective method's to increase your income from 0 to 90% +, when applied  diligently.

We are profound for  Creative-Writing,Television/Media-production,articles,Fast and proficient IT:Word,Affiliate/Email marketing,HTML,Excel,PowerPoint,Adobe, photography,SEO,product sourcing & internet publication..

Have you heard that Google will put your site in the pillory if they are not secured using a SSL certificate. 

It's a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

The consumer world today is rapidly changing. Long gone is the era of passive consumerism, these days consumers want to have their say on every product and service they invest in. And with the cutthroat competition, companies are actively seeking ways to gain more leverage through innovation.

Family Get together in Summer vacation ( Slavonija Croatian lifestyle )

Events in Dalmatia region Croatia (Hotel Punta Vodice)

Predstavlje Miss Šibensko Kinenske  Županije  at Punta Hotel Vodice Croatia

Miss Sibenik Beauty pageant event at Hotel Punta Vodice Croatia. 


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